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Monday, April 19, 2021

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VIPERS Two-Factor Authentication Is Mandatory April 12th
Monday, March 29, 2021

Effective April 12th, Two-Factor Authentication will be mandatory for all Department of Energy VIPERS accounts.


When accessing your account on or after that date, you will be required to select your preferred method (mobile phone or email) to receive a random one-time PIN when using your Logon ID and password.

2019 VIPERS Survey Results
Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Thanks to everyone who participated in our annual VIPERS survey. Click here to see the summary results:


See below for our responses to frequently asked question and/or survey comments:

SF-270 Forms:  We received several questions and comments about the difficulty of filling out the SF-270 forms for grants.  This is a government wide form that isn’t managed or controlled by our office.  The instructions for the 270 form can be found on our Documents section on the left side of the screen on the Home page.

User Manual:  A user manual was requested, and we are working to fulfill this request.  In the meantime, several detailed instruction documents are included in the Documents section on the Home page, left side.  There are also some instructional videos and a FAQ section that you might find helpful.

Check vs. EFT Payments:  It was requested by a survey user that VIPERS should allow check payments for one time vendors, or small businesses. The method of payment by ACH is a government wide requirement; and doesn’t have anything to do with the VIPERS system itself.  The Department of Energy policy is not to issue checks, in accordance with Treasury requirements.

Invoice Approval Turnaround Time:  We received some concerns about invoice approval turnaround time.  Once invoices are received in VIPERS, they interface to our accounting system within a few hours. The approving officials have access immediately to approve them in their workflow, and an automated email notification is sent to them overnight. The Payments Team does reach out and works with  approving officials on getting invoices approved in a timely manner.  If you are having an issue getting an invoice approved, please contact your Contracting Officer about this issue.  We can also make our management aware if you email us at

Allowable Number of File Attachments:  Although we only allow 5 attachments, we allow very large file sizes of 15MB each.  If you are having trouble getting your documents to fit, it is recommended that you scan them in grayscale to reduce the file size. A user requested to send zip files as attachments; but we cannot allow zip files to be submitted because they can be used to transmit harmful files.

ASAP vs. VIPERS:  For users questioning why VIPERS does not work like; the reason is because VIPERS is an invoicing system; and does not require an invoice.  ASAP is a system for grant recipients that allows users to draw down funds as needed and in accordance with their grant terms.   Grant recipients that are on the cash reimbursement basis must submit invoices; and other grant recipients do not have this requirement.  To determine why your grant is on the cash reimbursement basis, you need to contact your Contracting Officer as this is a procurement determination.

Password Policy:  DOE follows NIST 800--118 3.2.3 for the complex password requirements which states, “Having strong passwords helps mitigate guessing and cracking.  Password strength is determined by a password's length and its complexity, which is determined by the unpredictability of its characters.”    It is up to the organization to define the minimum password policy requirements. The VIPERS system does require more than the minimum password requirement for security reasons.  We want to ensure your information is well protected to the best of our ability.  There are other ways to store your passwords without writing them down.  Please contact your local Help Desk for suggestions.

60 Day VIPERS Account Renewal:  We do realize that many of our users only need to log in to the system a few times yearly; which means that their accounts are often disabled due to the 60 day log in requirement.  The DOE Energy Information Technology Services Program Cyber Security Plan requires the disabling of inactive accounts after 60 days.  

Suggested Updates:  We are reviewing some of your suggested updates; including making the pop up notifications more user friendly.  We will post information about system updates in the near future.

2018 VIPERS Survey Results
Thursday, September 13, 2018

The 2018 VIPERS Survey Summary Results have been posted in the Documents section for users that are interested.  The team has reviewed the individual comments and will take suggestions into consideration. 


A common question from the survey responses was on running reports.  Within VIPERS, reports are located under "Actions" and "Invoice Status/Funding."  After choosing a date range and selecting "Run Report", the Invoice Status report appears.  This is the screen that you should use if you need to cancel a pending invoice, view invoice documents, add additional supporting documents to your invoice, and view invoice status.  Please note that you can only add supporting documents to an invoice up until the time that the invoice has been approved by the approving official in our workflow (when the status is updated to Approved on the report).


To view funding available on your order, click on the money bag icon under the "Funding" column on the Invoice Status Report. This report can also be exported to Excel.


For additional tips and tricks, visit our FAQ section located on the Main page, on the bottom left side of the screen. Inquiries can also be sent to

Challenge Questions
Thursday, September 13, 2018

For forgotten passwords, VIPERS now includes a Challenge Questions feature.  To change or to set your new challenge questions, go to "Actions" and "Update Challenge Questions."

EDI 810
Thursday, September 13, 2018

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) version 810 is now available for vendors.  To sign up for this feature, please contact

EDI 810
Friday, July 29, 2016

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) version 810 will be available for vendors beginning on September 1.  For more information, please contact VIPERS Support.

XML now available
Monday, June 27, 2016

Beginning on July 5, 2016, vendors will be able to submit XML files through VIPERS.  For more information, contact VIPERS support at 888-251-3557.  EDI 810 will also be available soon; and updates will be posted to the News section of VIPERS as this progresses.

Launch of new VIPERS
Monday, June 27, 2016

The new version of VIPERS will be available on July 5, 2016.  Expect to see a more user friendly design, to include a standard invoice form for all users.  Many of the new features that have been introduced were recommended by the VIPERS user community via our annual survey.   The FAQ section has been updated for the new VIPERS; and the Online Help module will be up and running very soon.

Why Us

Wastren Advantage, Inc

VIPERS is an excellent billing tool. The process is simple and it allows us to easily track our invoice from submission to payment.

Sherry J. McCreary - Finance Manager

H&T Enterprises, Inc

The VIPERS system is one of the best and most user friendly systems that we work with. It requires minimal data entry... It has a file attachment limit that is the highest that we have seen so far among the various government vendor payment systems. Its internet connection is relatively fast, stable, and rarely disruptive.

William Hall, Jr. - President

Credit Bureau, Inc

My office manager continues to forward comments about the benefits of VIPERS. From initial activation through payment receipt, the entire system could not be easier to use. We especially appreciate the invoice tracking feedback. This ensures there are no questions about the invoice and no delay in its processing. VIPERS has eliminated any thought of "red tape" in government services.

Kathy Edwards - President